Lost and Found – August 3rd Edition

What to remember about August 3rd…

  • 1492  Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain to discover a western sea route to China and the Indies
  • 1811  Elisha Otis born in Halifax, Vermont (d. 1861); industrialist and inventor of elevator safety equipment
  • 1900  American journalist and war correspondent Ernie Pyle born in Dana, Indiana (d. 1945)
  • 1914  Germany declares war on France
  • 1923  Calvin Coolidge is sworn in as 30th President of the United States
  • 1948  Alger Hiss is accused of being a communist and spy during hearings of House Un-American Activities Committee
  • 1958  USS Nautilus (SN-571) sails beneath the North Pole
  • 1981  U.S. air traffic controllers (PATCO) go on strike and are fired by President Reagan as promised
  • 2003  NASA launches the MESSENGER spacecraft on its 6-year voyage to Mercury


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