Rick Perry is officially in the race.

Governor Rick Perry has now officially joined the ever-growing field of Republican candidates for the Presidency.

Governor Perry’s Presidential announcement:

I have been a fan of governor Perry for years.  During his tenure as governor of Texas, the state generated over a third of all private sector jobs since 2001.  He has unabashedly promoted his state – going so far as to actively poach companies from the corrupt bureaucracies and crushing regulatory burdens of blue states.  Unapologetically supportive of the second amendment and our military, he brings a much needed focus on core conservative values to the race.  This seems tempered with a recognition that not every international problem requires American intervention.  Acknowledging our long standing allies and supporting nations that actually share our values and goals is a definite step in the right direction.


I was a  delegate at Presidency Five in Orlando in 2012 so I have had a chance to see him up close and at his worst.  With the health challenges he was facing at the time, many have said that it might have been prudent to stay out of the race.  Some pundits now say that it will be a stumbling block for his 2016 campaign.   However, even the short campaign of 2012 will have lent Perry and his supporters valuable experience going forward.

There is still a lot of time before anyone should be making their final choice.  But, among a field that contains several RINOs and moderate (read liberal in disguise) Republicans, Governor Rick Perry is definitely worth watching.

Governor Perry’s first campaign commercial:


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