Lost and Found – May 11th Edition

What to remember about May 11th…

  • 1846  President James Polk receives Declaration of War from Congress; Mexican-American War officially begins
  • 1858  Minnesota enters the Union as the 32nd state
  • 1862  After Union troops occupy port of Norfolk, Virginia ironclad CSS Virginia is scuttled in James River to prevent her capture
  • 1864  Confederate General and cavalryman J.E.B. Stuart is mortally wounded north of Richmond, Virginia
  • 1934  Widespread drought leads to massive 2-day dust storm that covers Great Plains and creates a “Dust Bowl”; clouds of topsoil spread as far as Los Angeles and Atlanta
  • 1949  Israel become a member of the United Nations
  • 1960  Israeli operatives capture fugitive German war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1997  Reigning world chess champion Gary Kasparov loses tournament to IBM supercomputer “Big Blue”; 1st time a machine defeats a reigning champion


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