Lost and Found – April 7th Edition

What to remember about April 7th…

  • 1776  For the 1st time, an American warship captures a British vessel; Captain John Barry’s Lexington take HMS Edward off coast of Virginia
  • 1805  After building a fort and wintering in North Dakota; Lewis and Clarke expedition resumes their westward trek; unexplored territory lies ahead
  • 1862  After 2 days of heavy fighting, Union forces win the Battle of Shiloh in western Tennessee; nearly 24,000 casualties suffered between them
  • 1945 U.S. bombers sink worlds most powerful battleship; Japanese flagship Yamato goes down off Okinawa with loss of 2055 crew
  • 1947  Automotive pioneer Henry Ford dies in Michigan(b. 1863)
  • 1954  In a news conference, President Eisenhower introduces “domino theory” of communist influence
  • 1978  President Carter orders development of neutron bomb put on hold as peace protestors decry “capitalist bomb”
  • 1983  U.S. astronauts perform 1st spacewalk taken from a space shuttle
  • 1994  Day after assassination of Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, genocide of Tutsi’s and pygmies begins; Rwandan genocide kills at least 500,000 in next 100 days; U.N. is impotent in face of grotesque violence
  • 2003  U.S. troops capture Baghdad, Iraq


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