Lost and Found – March 7th Edition

What to remember about March 7th…

  • 1274  Dominican priest and philosopher Thomas Aquinas dies (b. 1225)
  • 1876  29-year-old Alexander Graham Bell receives patent for telephone
  • 1933  Charles Darrow receives copyright for Monopoly game
  • 1936  Violating the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler orders German military to move into Rhineland; demilitarized zone on French border
  • 1950  Soviet union denies that German-born British physicist Klaus Fuchs stole Nuclear secrets for them
  • 1994  SCOTUS rules that parodies of original work are “fair use”
  • 1999  American filmmaker Stanley Kubrick dies (b. 1928); award-winning creator of 2001, A Clockwork Orange; Dr. Strangelove, and Spartacus


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