Lost and Found – March 1st Edition

What to remember about March 1st…

  • 1692  Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba are charged with practicing witchcraft in Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • 1781  Articles of Confederation are ratified; Continental Congress creates 1st government with their adoption of this document
  • 1803  Ohio admitted to the Union as 17th state
  • 1845  President John Tyler signs bill authorizing annexation of Republic of Texas
  • 1867  Nebraska enters the Union as 37th state
  • 1872  Yellowstone becomes America’s 1st National Park with signing of bill by President Grant
  • 1912  In Venice Beach, California, Captain Albert Barry becomes 1st person to successfully parachute from a moving airplane
  • 1932  20-month-old child of famous American aviator Charles Lindbergh is kidnapped from family mansion in New Jersey
  • 1936  Hoover Dam (aka Boulder Dam) is completed 2 years early; over 100 die during construction phase
  • 1954  Puerto Rican nationalist terrorists open fire in House of Representatives and injure 5 Representatives
  • 1961  President Kennedy issues executive order creating the Peace Corps
  • 1971  Weather Underground terrorists detonate bomb in restroom of the U.S. Capitol; part of continuing campaign of anti-war violence
  • 1974  7 former White House aides are indicted in Watergate investigation

  • 2012  American publisher and conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart dies of heart attack in Brentwood, California (b. 1969)

Watch this speech from Breitbart at this past CPAC. Don’t let his voice be lost. Pick up his banner and carry it on to victory in the fight for American freedom.


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