Lost and Found – December 23rd Edition

What to remember about December 23rd…

  • 1832  Anonymous poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” is 1st published; popularly known as “The night before Christmas
  • 1888  In a fit of despair, Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh cuts off part of his own ear; later he paints self-portrait with bandages in place
  • 1919  USS Relief (AH-1) is launched; 1st purpose-built hospital ship
  • 1948  Japanese premier Hideki Tojo and 7 other leaders hanged in Tokyo following war crimes trials
  • 1986  Burt Rutan and Jenna Yeager complete 1st non-stop flight around the world on one tank of gas aboard  Voyager
  • 1991  Body of Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, USMC is found along a highway in Lebanon after being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists
  • 2009  Medal of Honor recipient Col. Robert L. Howard dies  in Waco, Texas (b. 1939); maybe most decorated soldiers in American history

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