Lost and Found – March 29th Edition

What to remember about March 29th…

  • 1790  Future 10th President John Tyler is born in Virginia (d. 1862); gains the office when William Harrison died 1-month into his presidency
  • 1865  Beginning new phase, Union forces move to take Petersburg, Virginia; this Appomattox campaign will lead to the end of the Civil War
  • 1867  American baseball pitcher Denton True “Cy” Young is born on Ohio (d. 1955); award in his name recognizes previous season’s best pitcher
  • 1929  Herbert Hoover has 1st phone installed in the Oval Office; phones installed in other parts of White House in 1878 by President Hayes
  • 1951  Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are convicted of espionage for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets; they will be executed in 1953
  • 1961  23rd Amendment to the Constitution is ratified; residents of Washington, D.C. allowed to vote in presidential elections
  • 1971  Army Lt. William Calley is convicted of murder by court-martial for massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai
  • 1973  Last U.S. combat troops leave South Vietnam in fulfillment of President Nixon’s campaign promise; Paris peace treaty signed just 2 months earlier
  • 1992  New York Times article quotes presidential candidate Bill Clinton saying “I didn’t inhale it, and never tried it again.” regarding marijuana
  • 2009  Obama administration forces General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to resign; $13.4 billion bailout gives government control

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