Lost and Found – February 10th Edition

What to remember about February 10th…

  • 1763  Seven Years’ War (aka French and Indian War) ends with France, Britain, and Spain signing Treaty of Paris; French losses will help spur assistance to American colonies when revolution breaks out
  • 1846  After death of their leader Joseph Smith, Mormon settlers flee Illinois; 12,000 start on exodus that will end in Utah’s Great Basin
  • 1899  Future 31st President Herbert Hoover marries school sweetheart Lou Henry at her parents home in California
  • 1957  American author of “Little House” series Laura Ingalls Wilder dies in Missouri (b 1867)
  • 1962  Captured American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers is released by Soviets in exchange for convicted Russian spy Rudolf Abel
  • 1965  Vietnamese suicide bombers attack American barracks in Qui Nhon killing 23 U.S. personnel
  • 1967  Presidential succession procedure established by ratification of 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • 2008  Senator Barack Hussein Obama II (D – Illinois) announces candidacy to seek presidency with speech in Springfield, Illinois

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