Lost and Found – February 4th Edition

What to remember about February 4th…

  • 1789  George Washington is 1st and only President to be unanimously elected by the Electoral College
  • 1801  John Marshall is sworn in as 4th Chief Justice of the United States
  • 1861  Six delegates of the provisional Congress of the Confederacy meets for 1st time in Montgomery, Alabama
  • 1941  United Service Organization (USO) is founded to provide support and assistance to American service personnel
  • 1945  Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and President Franklin Roosevelt meet in conference at Yalta to discuss division of power in post-war world
  • 1974  Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst is kidnapped by terrorist group the Symbionese Liberation Army
  • 1983  Pop superstar Karen Carpenter dies of heart attack caused by anorexia (b. 1950)
  • 1992  Hugo Chavez stages failed marxist, military coup of in Venezuela to overthrow democratically elected government
  • 2004  Social networking site Facebook is founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

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