Lost and Found – January 28th Edition

What to remember about January 28th…

  • 1777  British General Burgoyne develops plan to invade colonies and cut New England off from the south; poor planning leads to Patriot victory at Saratoga
  • 1902  Carnegie Institution of Washington is founded with gift of $10 million from Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie
  • 1915  German cruiser sinks unarmed American freighter because they fail to jettison “contraband” cargo of wheat bound for England
  • 1915  President Wilson signs act merging Revenue Cutter Service with Life-Saving Service to create the modern United States Coast Guard
  • 1959  Football great Vince Lombardi is signed to coach the Green Bay Packers
  • 1973  Cease-fire goes into effect in Vietnam as U.S. pulls out
  • 1980  USCGC Blackthorn collides with tanker Capricorn in Tampa Bay; though lightly damaged, entangled Blackthorn capsizes and 23 of 50 aboard are killed
  • 1985  45 pop music icons gather in one studio to record “We Are The World”; charity album will raise millions to alleviate African famine
  • 1986  NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger explodes 73-seconds after launch, astronauts Jarvis, McAuliffe, McNair, Onizuka, Resnik, Smith, and Scobee are all killed

space shuttle challenger disaster

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