Lost and Found – November 21st Edition

What to remember about November 21st…

  • 1729  Josiah Bartlett is born in Amesbury, Massachusetts; signer of Declaration of Independence, delegate to Continental Congress, physician, and 1st governor of New Hampshire
  • 1783  2 Frenchmen make the 1st untethered flight in a hot air balloon; conquest of the skies begins
  • 1789  North Carolina votes to ratify the United States Constitution; admitted as 12th state in the Union
  • 1877  Thomas Edison announces invention of the phonograph
  • 1975  Congressional report charges that U.S. government had instigated assassinations of Fidel Castro and other leaders
  • 1976  In New York City, boxing film Rocky debuts; Sylvester Stallone becomes one of Hollywood’s biggest stars
  • 1985  Navy analyst Johnathan Pollard is arrested for espionage; delivered classified info to Israel on Arab nations
  • 1995  Dayton Peace Agreement is initialed near Dayton, Ohio, ending three years of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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