Lost and Found – November 10th Edition

What to remember about November 10th…

  • 1775  Birth of the U.S. Marine Corps; Continental Congress authorizes the raising of 2 battalions to assist navy
  • 1865  Commander of Andersonville prison camp is hanged for murder of Union soldiers in his care; poet Walt Whitman wrote of the condition of prisoners he saw “There are deeds, crimes that may be forgiven, but this is not among them.”
  • 1898  Armed Democrat white supremacists violently overthrow elected government of Wilmington, North Carolina
  • 1958  Harry Winston donates the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian
  • 1969  Sesame Street show makes its television debut
  • 1975  Freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald sinks on Lake Superior; tragedy is memorialized in folk song by Gordon Lightfoot
  • 1975  United Nations passes Resolution 3379 declaring that Zionism equates to racism and discrimination
  • 1997  Pakistani muslim Mir Aimal Kasi is convicted of murdering 2 CIA employees and wounding 3 others in Virginia
  • 2009  Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad is executed in Virginia


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