Lost and Found – November 9th Edition

What to remember about November 9th…

  • 1620  Pilgrims aboard Mayflower sight land at Cape Cod, Massachusetts far from their intended destination
  • 1780  British ambush of General Sumpter’s forces fails leading to capture of hated British commander Major James Wemyss
  • 1822  Schooner USS Alligator attacks 3 pirate schooners and rescues several civilian ships and the crews being held hostage
  • 1872  Fire destroys hundreds of buildings in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1901  President Teddy Roosevelt establishes Subic Naval Base on Philippine Islands after victory in Spanish-American War
  • 1938  Kristalnacht terror campaign by Nazis in Germany presages the Holocaust; businesses vandalized and Jews beaten
  • 1967  NASA launches 1st Saturn V rocket; carries unmanned Apollo 4 test module
  • 1989  East Germany opens Berlin wall allowing free travel from East to West
  • 1990  IRS seizes assets of country music star Willie Nelson
  • 2005  Islamic al Qaeda suicide bombers attack 3 hotels in Aman, Jordan killing 60 and wounding over 100

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