Lost and Found – November 1st Edition

What to remember about November 1st…

  • 1765  British Parliament enacts the Stamp Act on American colonies
  • 1800  President John Adams moves in becoming 1st resident of the Executive Mansion; later named the White House
  • 1897  Library of Congress moved to its own building
  • 1911  Aerial bomb dropped from aircraft in battle for 1st time; used in Libya during Italo-Turkish War
  • 1922  Ottoman Empire ends as Turkish National Assembly abolishes the Sultanate; Grand Sultan Mehmed VI Vahid ed-din, Emperor of the Ottomans, Commander of the Faithful and Successor of the Prophet of the Universe goes into exile
  • 1943  Marines land on Bouganville in Solomon Islands while U.S. carriers strike Japanese base at Rabaul
  • 1950  Attempted assassination of President Truman by 2 Puerto Rican nationalists fails outside Blair House
  • 1952  U.S. detonates the worlds 1st hydrogen bomb
  • 1960  John F. Kennedy announces plan to build a Peace Corps while campaigning for president
  • 1993  Maastricht Treaty goes into effect creating European Union


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