Lost and Found – October 29th Edition

What to remember about October 29th…

  • 1777  After an extended illness John Hancock resigns his post as president of the Continental Congress
  • 1863  18 national delegations at meeting in Geneva, Switzerland agree to form the International Red Cross
  • 1901  Leon Czolgosz, assassin of President McKinley’ is executed less than 2 months after the shooting in Buffalo, New York
  • 1956  In response to Egyptian seizure and nationalization of the Suez Canal, Israel invades Sinai Peninsula
  • 1969  1st computer-to-computer link is established, 1st message is sent on ARPANET, precursor of the internet
  • 1998  Senator John Glenn returns to space at age 77 aboard shuttle Discovery; in 1962 was 1st American to orbit Earth
  • 2004  Al-Jazeera broadcasts tape of Osama bin Laden admitting direct responsibility for attacks of September 11, 2001

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