Lost and Found – September 23rd Edition

What to remember about September 23rd…

  • 1779  John Paul Jones captains U.S. ship Bonhomme Richard to victory over 2 British warships, when asked to surrender he says famously “I have not yet begun to fight
  • 1780 British Major John André is arrested as a spy by American soldiers, Benedict Arnold’s exposed as a traitor
  • 1806  Lewis and Clark expedition returns from their two and a half year exploration of the Louisiana Purchase
  • 1908  Chicago Cubs win pennant versus New York Giants with controversial call at second base
  • 1941  The first gas chamber experiments are conducted at Auschwitz
  • 1949  American singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen is born
  • 1969  Trial of the “Chicago 8” begins over the violent protests at the Democratic National Convention
  • 2009  Fidel Castro praises President Barack Obama for his apology before the United Nations over global climate change

castro loves obama

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