Lost and Found – August 25th Edition

What to remember about August 25th…

  • 0325  Convened by Roman Emperor Constantine I, the Council of Nicaea concludes 1st ecumenical debate of the early Christian church
  • 1776  Political philosopher David Hume dies; his essay “Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth” inspires James Madison and others about ideal government
  • 1835 New York Sun newspaper publishes series of articles detailing discovery of life on the moon; known as The Great Moon Hoax
  • 1914  German troops loot and burn Catholic University of Louvain, the town, and its priceless renaissance library
  • 1918  American conductor, composer, and musician Leonard Bernstein is born in Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • 1939  Classic American movie The Wizard of Oz opens in theater
  • 1944  After 4 years of Nazi occupation, Paris is liberated by American and French forces; formal German surrender of city the next day
  • 1945  American missionary and liaison to chinese resistance fighters  in China, John Birch, is murdered by communists; considered “the first casualty of the cold war”
  • 1950  President Truman orders the U.S. Army to take control of railroads ahead of a planned strike by workers
  • 2009  Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, “liberal lion of the Senate”, dies of brain cancer at home in Massachusetts
  • 2012  Apollo 11 aastronaut , test pilot, and U.S. Naval Aviator Neil Armstrong dies (b. 1930), 1st man to walk on the moon


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