Lost and Found – March 23rd Edition

What to remember about March 23rd…

  • 1775  Patrick Henry gives passionate speech at Virginia Convention declaring “give me liberty or give me death!”
  • 1806  After wintering near Pacific coast, Lewis and Clark expedition begins return leg of their journey of exploration
  • 1918  118-foot long German super cannon fired 74 miles into city of Paris
  • 1919  Benito Mussolini leaves Italian Socialist Party and founds fascist movement
  • 1933  German Reichstag passes act making Adolf Hitler dictator
  • 1944  German troops massacre 300 Italian civilians over partisan attacks
  • 1961  American intelligence gathering plane is shot down over Laos; 1st aerial losses of Vietnam War
  • 1965  NASA launches Gemini 3; America’s 1st 2-man space mission
  • 1983  President Reagan gives a speech announcing development of anti-missile technology; Strategic Defense Initiative “Star Wars” program born
  • 2001  Russian Mir space station returns to Earth in a controlled re-entry; splashes down on Pacific off the coast of Fiji
  • 2010  President Obama signs Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA); “Obamacare” becomes law

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