Lost and Found – October 17th Edition

What to remember about October 17th…

  • 1777  British surrender 5000 troops after losing 2nd Battle of Saratoga; French recognize American independence
  • 1781  British forces request ceasefire at Yorktown
  • 1814  Brewery flood of 300,000 gallons of beer destroys 2 homes and drowns 8 in London, England
  • 1835  Voters pass resolution establishing Texas Rangers
  • 1931  Chicago gangster boss Al Capone is convicted of tax evasion; sentenced to 11 years in prison
  • 1968  Olympic medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos are stripped of their medals for executing the black-power salute during medal awards ceremony
  • 1973  OPEC announces it is cutting oil exports to nations that assisted Israel during the Yom Kippur War; energy crisis
  • 1978  President Carter signs bill restoring citizenship of Confederate President Jefferson Davis
  • 1979  Law creating Department of Education is signed
  • 1989  Deadliest earthquake in 80 years strikes San Francisco as Baseball’s World Series is about to begin

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