Lost and Found – October 16th Edition

What to remember about October 16th…

  • 1773  Public sentiment against the Tea Act is voiced when Philadelphia Resolutions are published; leads to tea party
  • 1781  Cornwallis attempts to evacuate his troops from Yorktown but bad weather ends his hope of escape
  • 1859  Abolitionist John Brown leads a raid against a federal armory in an attempt to spark a slave revolt
  • 1916  Eugenicist and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger opens the 1st family planning clinic in America
  • 1946  10 convicted Nazi war criminals are hanged after the main trials conclude at Nuremberg
  • 1964  China detonates an atomic bomb; becomes the worlds 5th nuclear power
  • 1995  Million Man March is held in Washington, D.C. led by Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan
  • 1996  British Government announces it will outlaw almost all handguns following massacre at Dunblane, Scotland
  • 2004  Department of Veterans Affairs committee concludes “a substantial proportion of Gulf War veterans are ill with multi-symptom conditions”
  • 2011  Chinese-built Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial formally dedicated in Washington, D.C. after delay to fix misquote of MLK’s words

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