Lost and Found – October 5th Edition

What to remember about October 5th…

  • 1829  President Chester A. Arthur is born in North Fairfield, Vermont
  • 1864  Confederate forces under General hood fail to sever Union supply lines at Battle of Allatoona
  • 1902  American restaurant entrepreneur Ray Kroc is born; bought out McDonald brothers and took the company global
  • 1945  After 6-months on strike, workers outside Warner Brother’s Studios begin a week of violent clashes with police and non-union employees
  • 1969  Cuban MiG-17 fighter eludes radar to land undetected at Homestead AFB in Florida; pilot defects
  • 1974  American David Kunst completes the 1st around-the-world journey on foot; takes 4 years and 21 pairs of shoes
  • 1982  Johnson & Johnson initiate nationwide recall of Tylenol because of cyanide deaths due to product tampering
  • 1986  American Eugene Hasenfus is captured by Sandinistas after his plane is shot down delivering supplies to Contra rebels; his capture exposes the Iran-Contra affair
  • 2001  Robert Stevens becomes 1st fatality in the 2001 anthrax attacks
  • 2011  American businessman, technological innovator, and co-founder of Apple Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs dies of cancer (b. 1955)

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