Lost and Found – September 17th Edition

What to remember about September 17th…

  • 1730  Prussian general Baron Friedrich von Steuben is born; Inspector General and a founder of the Continental Army
  • 1787  The Constitution of the United States is adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1862  Union and Rebel troops clash in bloodiest one-day battle in American history at Antietam Creek, Virginia; General Lee’s invasion of the north is halted
  • 1908  Thomas Etholen Selfridge is 1st person killed in a powered aircraft flight; dies in crash of Wright Flyer piloted by Orville Wright
  • 1916  German pilot Manfred “Red Baron” von Richthofen shoots down his first enemy plane over the Western Front
  • 1944  Allied airborne landings of Operation Market Garden begin in the Netherlands
  • 1976  NASA publicly unveils the Space Shuttle Enterprise
  • 1983  Vanessa Williams becomes 1st African-American woman to be crowned Miss America; title is taken away a year later when nude pictures are revealed
  • 1997  American radio and television comedian Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton dies at home in Anza, California (b. 1913)
  • 2001  Trading resumes on the New York Stock Exchange after the September 11th attacks; longest closure since the Great Depression

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