This Is What Happens When You Forget

I need not remind most readers of the importance (to Americans) of this date.  Remembering dates like these serves to put where we are in perspective with where we’ve come from.  But, with today’s “on demand” society, the significance of dates over the stream of history has been slipping away.  Other cultures aren’t like this.  We see the somber nod to history in some of the most violent acts in our modern times.  Just look back at why the date of September 11 was chosen by the hijackers… September 11, 1565.

This 11th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist hijackings should keep us aware – even vigilant.  But, what do we see in Cairo, Egypt today? 

  • A United States embassy is stormed by Muslim protesters.

  • The American flag is torn down and trampled.  The pieces are burned.

  • The black flag of jihad raised over our sovereign soil.

For those unfamiliar with the symbolism of Islam, there are two flags.  The first is the Al-Liwaa.  It is white and represents the leader of the faith over the Caliphate.  The other is Al-Raya.  It is black and harkens back to the time of Muhammad and his conquests.  In modern times, jihadist and terrorist groups have brought the flag back and use it in pursuit of a global caliphate and the coming of the Mahdi – their judgement days. In either case, the inscription reads “There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger/prophet.” 

Lest we forget, the religious definition of Islam is submission.  That is what these radicals intend for us to do – submit to their beliefs.  By conversion or conquest, the means don’t matter.

Here is my answer to them:

The above is pronounced Lan Astaslem.  It translates to “I will not submit”.  And I mean it.  A bunch of screaming Muslim fanatics will not deter me from the defense of our freedoms and our nation.  They scream about intolerance and disrespect of their prophet in some movie that hasn’t even been made.  Well, part of the price of respect for your beliefs is the reciprocal respect for mine.  I will not submit to threats.  I will not submit to violence.  I will not submit my freedom for some measure of momentary peace or fleeting sense of safety.  I. WILL. NOT. SUBMIT.

Perhaps today’s violent acts in Cairo seem small to spark such visceral outrage in me.  But, I remember history.  Not too many years in the past, this was the scene at another American embassy.  This one in Tehran, Iran.

52 Hostages.  444 Days. 8 dead and 4 wounded servicemen.  I wont forget.


I was first introduced to Lan Astaslem on Michelle Malkin’s blog.  Her coverage of the importance of this date is not to be missed.

UPDATE:  Cairo embassy staff knew of attack ahead of time and sent home.  Obama administration condemns those who insulted Islam and caused the violence.

UPDATE 2:  Armed mob attacks and sets fire to U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

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