Obama’s War On Seniors

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan made a great point last night.  The biggest threat to Medicare is Obamacare.

The President and his defenders like to say that they didn’t take $716 Billion from Medicare.  They say that it is still there.  But, you and I both know that if you are using that $716 billion for Obamacare then it isn’t there for our seniors.  You can’t use the same (huge) pile of money to fund both programs.  If Medicare costs will be reduced through improvements and cost savings, who gets paid less?  The doctors and hospitals that are currently treating our seniors are already paid way below market for their services.  More cuts mean fewer doctors will take Medicare patients.  Those that do will have to make up in volume what they lose in per patient reimbursement.  Less time with your physician and longer waits for visits will play nicely with the government overseers that get to determine what kind of treatments you will be allowed to receive.

But, Medicare is not the only place that the administration is covertly hurting our seniors.  look at this economy.  Higher gas and food prices hit those on fixed incomes especially hard.  To make ends meet, more seniors are trying to stay in the workforce longer or find work after “retirement”.  The current high unemployment is forcing generations to move back in together just to keep afloat, further depressing housing values that seniors thought formed the backbone of their retirement portfolio.  Add to this the abysmally low-interest rates that seniors are receiving on their savings and you have a real disaster on your hands.

Glenn Reynolds (the Instapundit) has a great analysis of these and other economic problems created or exacerbated by this President.

Our seniors are suffering and face increasing hardship.  Yet, the media choose to ignore the crisis at hand.  I guess we can tell who they are rooting for.


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