Occupy Anarchists To Attack Republican National Convention

We saw back in 2008 the lengths that the left would go to in trying to disrupt the Republican National Convention.  Violent agitators used every means possible to disrupt security in attempts to get at the delegates and the venue.  Millions in property damage was done while hundreds were detained or arrested.  Luckily, the police had managed to break up of the most violent cells before lives could be lost.  The video of the protests is shocking.

Well, as with most of their efforts in the 2012 election season, the left has decided to go dirtier and meaner.  Blogs and social networks are buzzing with groups organizing their efforts.  Videos are surfacing with instructions on effective tactics for disrupting security, how to infiltrate businesses and events, how to lure emergency personnel away from where they are needed, and even how to disrupt the 911 and emergency communications systems.  Last year’s Occupy movement seems to have recruited and trained a cadre willing to do anything for their “movement”.

Breitbart.com has all the details here.

UPDATE:  First protesters arrested before 2012 Tampa RNC Convention even opens -armed and preparing for violence.

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