Lost and Found – August 7th Edition

What to remember about August 7th…

  • 1742  Patriot Nathanael Green born in South Carolina (d. 1786); joins Continental Army as a private and rises to rank of Major General
  • 1782  General George Washington creates the “Badge of Military Merit”; reinstituted by General MacArthur as the “Purple Heart”
  • 1942  U.S. Marines attack; Battle Guadalcanal begins 1st American offensive operation of World War II
  • 1964  Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving President Johnson authorization to act against Vietnam
  • 1978  President Carter announces that Love Canal, New York has become a federal health emergency due to toxic waste dumping
  • 1990  President Bush orders the organization of Operation Desert Shield in response to the invasion of Kuwait
  • 1998  Muslim terrorists bomb U.S. embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tunisia, and Nairobi, Kenya; over 300 killed; Osama bin Laden placed on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list
  • 2004  Famed oilfield firefighter Red Adair dies(b. 1915)


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