Kickin With The Chicken

Took a well deserved break with my lovely wife this afternoon.  We decided to head over to our local Chick-fil-a to grab some lunch and see what kind of kerfuffle was in progress (if any).

Well, after taking over 5 minutes circling fo a parking spot, this was the scene inside.

There was no pushing or shouting.  The staff was efficient if a little frazzled.  And despite the crowd and the wait, lunch was good – as it usually is.

The best moment of the day though was when a group of about eight soldiers came in for their lunch.  The crowd let them to the front of the line and someone even grabbed them a table.  Once they made their order, they didn’t have to stand and wait.  The manager brought their food out personally.  You can’t argue with those priorities.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, you show me yours.


ps. I wonder what lunch with the Occupy crowd is like?


2 responses to “Kickin With The Chicken

  1. therealpedro

    It seems more like this crowd gets a pass when it comes to disturbing the peace, vandalism, littering etc. I would respect them more if they respected the law more.

  2. Joseph De Stefano

    Once again the Clockwork Conservative….On top of all the action….or should I say the On top of the Real Truth in Media….(as usual)…….