Chick-fil-a Day

For those commenters that insist that my stance on the Chick-fil-a kerfuffle is irrational or somehow disingenuous, you still don’t get it.  Chick-fil-a hasn’t denied anyone their rights.  They haven’t been accused of breaking any laws.  What they have done is express an opinion and thereby exercised their 1st Amendment right to free speech.

Many liberals and knee-jerk politicians want to punish them for their opinion by using the power of government.  No matter what your stance on the issue, you should be opposed to the reaction of the left.  The Constitution protects speech.  If you don’t like what is said, you can either go outside of earshot or come up with your own message.  Letting the government decide what someone can say, where they say it, or how they say it is one of the faster paths to a hell I wouldn’t want to live in.

So, today demonstrates an appropriate way to counter speech you do not agree with.  Protesters today will be going to Chik-fil-a stores around the country to express their own opinions.  They want to have their voices heard.  Supporters of Chick-fil-a will do the same.  As long as the parties engaged in this debate can behave lawfully, I have NO problem with them exercising their rights.


One response to “Chick-fil-a Day

  1. Joseph De Stefano

    I do believe, that at one time we would have called this…”Put up or shut up”. I find it amazing how ignorant people are. They are running amuck over a comment that the U.S. Constitution allows >>>i.e.= freedom of speech>>>>. But where are all the haters for the simpler things…Gas prices slowly rising again, cost of food rising again….Oh, wait a minute these are the same fools who bitch and complain but won’t exercise there right to vote. Complain, complain, but don’t get out and vote and there will be no change. Same idiots that don’t vote locally and still compalin even more…….And you really want to know what the outcome is going to be free advertisment, double or triple or even more of sales rung through the register…….Cha-Ching………….