Obama Disrespects D-Day… Again

So, I missed it this year.  I must have been too busy actually remembering and honoring those who served during World War II and particularly.

On June 6th, 1944 Operation Overlord begins with 6000 ships and landing craft carrying 176,000 troops, 822 aircraft carrying paratroopers, 13,000 other aircraft to provide support and air cover.  These Allied troops landed at Normandy to liberate Europe from the grip of Hitler’s National Socialist nightmare and end its threat to freedom everywhere.  At least 2500 of these brave men died in the fighting this first day.

Every year since that momentous battle, American Presidents have gone to the D-Day Monument or made remarks to the nation regarding D-Day on June 6th.  They go to remember the struggle, to honor the dead, and to renew the promise that we should never allow evil to rise to such heights that sacrifices such as these need be made again.  This is a pilgrimage deemed right and honorable and necessary by every American President… until now.

The disdain shown by our current Commander-in-Chief for the military and our veterans has long been apparent.  We have seen it in his proposals to cut medical services to our veterans and make them pay out of their own pockets for treatment of their war wounds and service related injuries.  While returning veterans face unemployment 30% higher than the national average, President Obama plans to cut 500,000 military personnel and add them to the unemployment rolls (though they wont receive unemployment compensation).  The man cannot even be bothered to get correct the names of heroes who have been recognized with the nation’s highest award – the Medal of Honor.

I hope that for the sake of our veterans, and our country, that in 2013 an American President will return to the D-day Monument and honor those whose sacrifice ensured that he has a country to be president of.

(Thanks to my Mother for e-mailing me the story and the picture at the top of the post.)


5 responses to “Obama Disrespects D-Day… Again

  1. Joseph De Stefano

    Well, I guess we can say once again …just a typical Obama….Or should we say just typical of someone not born in this country. Wake up america, it’s been long enough. Take back america, and take it back to the days of doing what is right by the people and for the people……

  2. Julie O'Neil


  3. “Every year since that momentous battle, American Presidents have gone to the D-Day Monument or made remarks to the nation regarding D-Day on June 6th.”

    This is not true. Only one president ever held a D-Day event at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. That was George W. Bush in 2001, the year the memorial opened. The sitting president has held a June 6 D-Day event at the D-Day memorial in Normandy exactly four times: 1984 (Reagan), 1994 (Clinton), 2004 (Bush II), and 2009 (Obama). No other D-Day memorial or monument has seen a presidential visit on June 6. White House records from the Bush presidency for June 6 of 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 list no events of any sort involving the commemoration of D-Day.

    So there is no established tradition of the POTUS formally commemorating the D-Day anniversary each year. Historically, presidents have honored only major (multiples of 5 or 10) anniversaries of the event, as Obama did on the 65th anniversary back in 2009.

    • I’ve seen the SNOPES article too. Their political bent often leads to them selectively sourcing their “research”. However, the archives of Presidential addresses and speeched show that presidents HAVE either visited a WWII memorial or delivered an address commemorating the event. The picture was what was sent to me. If you re-read my post you will see that I cover the inconsistent wording.

      The point of the post is not the visits themselves. They are just a symptom of the disdain this President has for the military. Read some of the articles that I linked in my post. Here is a quiz you can take as well.

  4. I truly am discouraged when things like this are worded to mislead. (I’m a conservative/Republican) Hard as I try, I cannot find an article that lays it out without a partisan spin. I agree with you about Snopes being liberal leaning so no longer rely on that website but to try to disseminate all the cleverly worded hogwash out there is daunting. From what I can tell, there is not a history of each and every president visiting but that they have all “paid tribute”….therein lies the carefully crafted words intended to deceive.