Obama Wants Wounded Veterans To Pay For Own Healthcare

I know that this story is a little old now, but I have to wonder how many of us heard about this from the mainstream media.  From CNN:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

Lawmakers say they’d reject a proposal to make veterans pay for treatment of war wounds with private insurance.

…the proposal would be “dead on arrival” if it’s sent to Congress, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington, said.

Murray used that blunt terminology when she told Shinseki that the idea would not be acceptable and would be rejected if formally proposed. Her remarks came during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs about the 2010 budget.

With veterans making up almost 13% of the adult voting population, you’d think Obama might be more careful in how he treats them.  A recent Gallup survey shows the president is in serious trouble when it comes to veteran voters as this graph shows.

Say what you want about our 4th greatest president, a split like this amongst voters who have already shown that they are willing to make sacrifices in the defense of their nation has to be troublesome.  These are not sunshine patriots that can be kept from the polls by bad weather or media spin.  They will come out in November and they will vote.

3 responses to “Obama Wants Wounded Veterans To Pay For Own Healthcare

  1. Sinister Dreams

    Oh don’t kid yourself, they all want this to happen, and it is already happening to military families! I have to pay for my own dental, and many of us also have to pay for medical already! It blows.

  2. This is a fucking joke, yes?