Media Attacks Catholics Instead Of Reporting On Obamacare Lawsuits

Still silent over the 43 lawsuits filed earlier this week by Catholic institutions across the country, major media outlets decide today to cover instead decades old stories of alleged abuse.  Is this a concerted effort to bury the embarrassing news that churches have been forced to sue the government of the one nation on Earth FOUNDED on the principle of freedom?  Smear and distract is a tactic that the left has used to great effect since Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was published in 1971.  I think the proof that this IS the approach chosen by the lame-stream media is in the fact that ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts have spent just 19 seconds in the past 72 hours on the fight to protect the conscientious objections of millions of religious people and dozens of related organizations and schools from the forced imposition of a bureaucrats morality (is there such a thing?).

Since the media has chosen their side, it seems that Christians of other denominations are choosing theirs.  Today the leaders of 10 prominent non-Catholic religious groups have spoken out about the obvious bias of the media illustrated by their refusal to cover the story.  They are:

Tony Perkins – President, Family Research Council

Gary L. Bauer – Former Presidential Candidate, President American Values; Chairman the Campaign for Working Families

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01)

Dr. Charmaine Yoest – President and CEO of Americans United for Life

Rev. Louis P. Sheldon – Chairman, Traditional Values Coalition

Andrea Lafferty – President, Traditional Values Coalition

Dr. Keith Wiebe – President. American Association of Christian Schools

Mathew Staver – Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel; Dean and Professor, Liberty University School of Law; Director, Liberty Center for Law and Policy

Phylls Schlafly – Founder and President, Eagle Forum

Gregory Baylor – ADF Senior Counsel

The excoriating comments in their statements illustrate the frustration that many Christians feel daily as the media denigrates their faith, dilutes their traditions, and dismisses their principles.

Obama, his liberal cronies, and the sycophantic mainstream media shrug off the concerns of the faithful and conscientious of America.  This alone will not cost him the election.  The president will lose the coming election over his horrendous economic policies.  But, will America lose her soul before his immoral bureaucracy is uprooted?

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One response to “Media Attacks Catholics Instead Of Reporting On Obamacare Lawsuits

  1. The lies and mistruth of the lamestream media is astounding.