Catholic Church Sues Smartest President Ever

The media cycle can be brutal in today’s fast-paced world.  Dozens of interesting stories spawn each day that cry out for the main-stream reporter’s attentions.  Knowing that there is only so much ink and so many propagandists journalists, crucial decisions must be made to ensure that the public stays well-informed about the issues that will affect them the most.  Checking in at the websites of CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times shows us what we as informed media consumers must be most interested in.  We see coverage of important issues such as Passenger’s implant claim triggers flight diversion, US drug agents face probe for hiring prostitutes in Colombia, and Facebook I.P.O. Raises Regulatory Concerns.

But, nowhere to be found is mention of the dozens of lawsuits filed yesterday by Catholic Organizations representing millions of Americans.  There is not one blurb regarding the litigation against the Obama administration and the Department of Health and Human Services over their trampling of the 1st Amendment liberties of religious organizations and conscientious Americans.  I guess the media consuming public is more interested in stories like Iowa Man With Zebra, Parrot in Truck Gets DUI and Zombie blondes invade Facebook with fake profiles than in the pending decision by the United States Supreme Court over the constitutionality of Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act legislation.

The new media is where you have to go to get the real news these days.  Feel free to read the excellent article by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air for all the details on the stand that the Catholic Church is taking in defense of yours and their constitutional rights.

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