Top 10 Best Mothers in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Major geek alert here. If your don’t know a Dalek from a Druid, this list probably won’t say much to you.  However, if you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, or comics, you’ll want to check out Wired Magazine’s Geek Dad column on the  Top 10 Mothers in Science Fiction and Fantasy .

“It used to be difficult to find genuinely good female characters in science fiction and fantasy. And even today, with plenty of excellent female characters to pick from, there still aren’t that many that are also mothers.”

There are awesome moms in every universe.  Most of the ones chosen to be on this list I totally agree with.  I hope you enjoy the list AND your Mother’s Day.

UPDATE:  In response to a comment and email, here is my own personal Best Mothers in Science Fiction and Fantasy .

  1.  In Robert A Heinlein’s 1982 classic sci-fi thriller Friday, genetically engineered super spy Friday Baldwin is definitely a supermom.  When a circumstances threaten, she can make the tough choices to protect the ones she loves.  This is one of my favorites from Heinlein.
  2. George R.R. Martin’s series Game of Thrones explores some of the depths a mother can be driven to when protecting her children.  Lady Catelyn Tully Stark puts it all out there.  The books are a great read but I haven’t yet watched the HBO adaptation.
  3. Sarah Connor from the Terminator movie series gives rise to the term “supermom”.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree that Molly Weasley of the Harry Potter books deserves a place on this list.  She just rolls with every punch the Dark Lord throws at her.  Her movie portrayal isn’t quite as passionate, but she still has a spot on my list.
  5. A reminder of a book I read years ago brings Shira Shipmen of He, She, and It to the list.  A mother whose son is taken by her ex-husband with the help of her corporate employers finds herself working with and falling in love with a cyborg.  With her drive and his deadly skills, anyone that stands between Shira and her child had better watch out.
  6. If you are a fellow survivor of reading Frank Herbert’s fantastic  Dune books then Lady Jessica Atreides has got to be on the list.  Not a perfect mom, but she is one with drive, courage, and her own will to allow her son to be what he needs to be; not what others plan.
  7. Smart, funny, and courageous, Holly Hunter’s portrayal of Helen Parr (a.k.a. Elastigirl) in the 2004 Disney/Pixar animated movie The Incredibles deserves a spot on the Top Ten list.  Taking risks to protect her family is just another of her supermom powers.
  8. The Wired Magazine list put the Alien Queen from Aliens up as one of their Sci-fi and fantasy supermoms.  I’d like to counter that with Ellen Ripley herself.  Though she has lost her own daughter, Ripley takes the lost and orphaned Newt into her heart and there is nothing (human or alien) that will get between them. (note: one of my favorite action flicks)
  9. Not truly a Sci-fi/fantasy genre film, Kill Bill certainly has elements of the fantastical about it.  Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) treats vengeance for her unborn child with deadly seriousness.
  10. Finally, here is a combination Sci-fi/fantasy entry.  Juniper MacKenzie in S.M. Stirling’s The Change series qualifies for the supermom title.  In a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest, this folksinger and mother of a deaf daughter gathers and then leads a band of survivors to build their own Scottish-style clan to fend off the barbarous world around them.  Richly detailed and epic in scope, Juniper’s character balances the burdens of leadership with the responsibilities of motherhood with grace and a fierce courage.

Let me know in the comments who YOU think should be on the list.

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