A few more reasons to vaccinate your kids…

For over a decade now, the fad amongst “helicopter parents” (always hovering, overprotective) has been to refuse to vaccinate their children against childhood diseases.  The movement began decades ago when some faulty research studies falsely linked several developmental and disabling conditions with childhood vaccines.  These studies have been debunked over and over yet the idiotic practice continues.  Unlike smallpox, these diseases still run rampant in less developed portions of the world… and amongst the broods of these negligent parents.

When confronted with the factual data on childhood vaccination these parents will often fall back on worries over allergic reactions.  Any quick review of the disability and mortality rates of rare allergic reaction versus mumps, measles, or polio leads reasoning adults to the conclusion that vaccination (under physician supervision) is the proper course of action.

Since today is the anniversary of the announcement of Dr. Salk’s polio vaccine, I felt I should serve up some history of what this childhood plague wrought in this country.

Presidents and personalities thought it important to ensure that the immunization message got out.

FDR allowed this one and only photo of him in a wheelchair to be used by the March of Dimes.  He suffered paralysis from polio most of his life.  The White House had to be converted to accommodate the president’s special needs… including a heated therapy pool.

Elvis felt so strongly about supporting the March of Dimes that he got his shot on the Ed Sullivan Show from Dr. Salk personally.  He got to see first hand what the polio epidemic did to America’s children.

The Polio Survivors Association has more information on the disease, the fight to eradicate it, survivors tales and more.  Take a minute to check out their resources.

Polio is on the rise again in the world.  Several years ago, a few prominent Islamic scholars came out against vaccination saying that it was an “abomination” and corruption of the body” invented by the West to corrupt children.  Incidences of polio have become endemic to several countries in the region since this declaration.  With the speed of modern travel, an unvaccinated child is just one trip to a tourist spot from possible exposure.  Don’t make a misinformed choice that can last a lifetime.  Protect your family and get EVERYONE vaccinated.

One response to “A few more reasons to vaccinate your kids…

  1. It’s the same reason that whooping cough is showing back up. We talk about it a lot in medical school…there’s too much evidence to ignore it. VACCINATE!