Lost and Found – March 25th Edition

What to remember about March 25th…

Medal of Honor Day – 149th Anniversary of the first awarding of the Medal

  • 1634  Settlers land on Maryland’s western shore to found 1st settlement; mixed Catholic and Protestant group names town St. Mary’s
  • 1774  British Parliament passes Boston Port Act closing port and demanding more than $1 million (adjusted) for tea dumped during Boston Tea Party
  • 1865  Last major attack of the war by Confederate forces is a failed attempt by General Lee to free his forces from encirclement at Petersburg, Virginia
  • 1933  USS Sequoia is commissioned as presidential yacht for Herbert Hoover; she will serve 44 years and 8 presidents
  • 1994  After 15-month mission, final U.S. troops leave Somalia; the war-torn and impoverished nation is little better off than when they arrived
  • 1996  81 members of the Freemen begin standoff with federal law enforcement over the foreclosure of their “Justus Township” farm in Montana

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