Combat Veterans Promise

A friend posted this on Facebook and I thought it appropriate for the day…


I am an American; a combat veteran.

I freely volunteered to serve my country during a time of war with the full knowledge that doing so would directly threaten my life and the lives of my comrades.

I have stood my watch and done my utmost to properly train and prepare those  who have volunteered to relieve me.

I have a unique understanding of the result of the precision application of lethal force in pursuit of US policy objectives.

These simple truths have made me wise beyond my years.

I am more motivated, more skilled, and more experienced than my civilian contemporaries that have not served because I have weathered more stress, held more responsibility, and sacrificed more of myself in the service of my country than they can possibly imagine.

I am a sterling representative of myself, my service, and my brothers and sisters in arms.

My service to my country did not end with my enlistment.

I am uniquely positioned to work harder, adapt quicker, and contribute more to the economic recovery of the United States of America than any other segment of the workforce.

I will strive every day to become the cornerstone of our recovery.

I freely take up this task as the natural evolution of my career progression.

I will deliver the skills and abilities that I have acquired throughout my military service to the civilian workforce.

My word is my bond.

I am punctual, reliable, and ready to take charge.  Those who question my utility are uninformed, for I will keep the faith in the workforce as I have kept the faith on the battlefield.

Through my efforts and contributions I will do more than my part to return our nation to the position of economic world leadership.

I am an American; a combat veteran.

(Thanks for sharing S.B.)

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