OWS (Obama Worship Syndrome) – Flag Edition

I know that this story is from last week, but it has been on my “to rant” list since I first stumbled across it…

For several months now, the Lake County (Florida) Democrat Party has felt it appropriate to fly this flag outside their headquarters.

Let’s leave aside for the moment that displaying an altered American flag is a violation of Florida law.

Florida Statutes > Title XVIII > Chapter 256 > § 256.05 – Improper use of state or United States flag, or other symbol of authority

No person shall, in any manner, for exhibition or display:

(1) Place or cause to be placed any word, figure, mark, picture, design, drawing or advertisement of any nature upon any flag, standard, color, ensign or shield of the United States or of this state, or authorized by any law of the United States or this state; or

(2) Expose to public view any such flag, standard, color, ensign or shield upon which shall have been printed, painted or otherwise produced, or to which shall have been attached, appended, affixed or annexed any such word, figure, mark, picture, design, drawing or advertisement.

Further, the United States Flag Code updated April 14, 2008 states:

(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

(i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever.

Now, if you want to debate the Constitutionality of the above in the context of  the 1990 Supreme Court ruling decriminalizing the burning of the American flag, feel free to do so in the comments below.

What gets me is the blatant disrespect shown by a group that aspires to influence the public to adopt their attitudes and beliefs.  A group of local veterans brought the issue of the offensive flag to the attention of county Democratic chair Nancy Hurlbert.  She offered to “research” the matter but would not have the flag taken down.  When tthose same veterans offered to to bring the flag down for her, she  issued a not so vieled threat by reminding them that they were on “private property”.

To the head of the local Democrat Party, propriety and legality didn’t matter.  Only after the flag had become a media issue was it taken down.  In a heated response to questions from FoxNews.com she stated “It leads me to believe that it’s not about the flag… Certain elements cannot accept Barack Obama as president.”  Later apologizing for the incident, she wouldn’t offer any assurances that the flag would not be flown at their headquarters in the future.   She went on to state that “I won’t say no and I won’t say yes… We want to find out what our legal rights are.”

If you want to add one final insult to veterans and patriots, the $12.95 flag was made in China.  Perhaps this would be to their liking as well.

Personally, the flag I think they should be flying over there in Lake County, Florida is this one

If you are unfamiliar with or have forgotten the definition of OWS, you’ll want to check out my 2012 Lexicon.


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