Lost and Found – March 11th Edition

What to remember about March 11th…

Daylight Savings Time – Move your clocks one hour forward.

  • 1779  Congress authorizes creation of the Army Corps of Engineers to support Continental Army; becomes permanent organization in 1802
  • 1861  Permanent Constitution of the Confederacy is adopted by delegates secessionist states meeting in Montgomery, Alabama
  • 1918  Over 100 soldiers come down with flu-like symptoms at Ft. Riley, Kansas; these 1st cases mark beginning of pandemic that will spread to kill 675,000 Americans and over 20 million more worldwide
  • 1941  President Franklin Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease program is authorized by Congress; aid to Soviet Union added later
  • 1942  Under orders from the President, General Douglas MacArthur escapes the Philippine Islands as defenses fall to the invading Japanese
  • 1989  Landmark documentary-style television show COPS debuts on FOX
  • 2004  10 bombs detonate on trains and in stations around Madrid, Spain; 191 killed and over 2000 injured; terrorists win major victory when coming elections turn government over to anti-war, appeasement Socialists
  • 2011  Sendai earthquake and tsunami strike Tohoku coast of Japan damaging nuclear power facilities; over 15,000 dead, twice that wounded


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