Soylent Green Is… Pink?

In the classic futurist film “Soylent Green“, Charlton Heston plays a detective on the trail of an elusive murderer.  In 2022, massive corporations like Soylent Industries manufacture processed foods for the masses.  Heston finds himself investigating the execution of a Soylent executive while uncovering a government conspiracy around the source of the food supply.  Earth has become massively overpopulated, outstripping the ability to grow enough food.  Where do they get the food?  And what is the “special ingredient” in Soylent Green that makes it so much better than the other varieties.  Apparently the secret is worth killing over and Heston’s character is determined to uncover it.

So, maybe you are wondering why I decided to bring up this 1973 sci-fi classic.  I thought that with all of Michelle Antoinette Obama’s preaching on the benefits of healthier school lunches and salad bars in soldier’s mess halls, maybe we might take a look at what her husband’s government is putting into our children’s food.

That’s right folks – pink slime.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is buying 7 million pounds of this processed meat product for use in school lunch programs this year.  What you see above is an amonia-washed mixture of miscellaneous trimmings, sinew, and “other” left over after the commercially useable pieces of the cow are harvested.  This is the stuff they can’t even use for pet food.

Actually, the product isn’t new.  Fast food chains used to use a lot of this stuff until consumer groups launched campaigns that led to its removal.  Reports say that many bargain and house brands of ground beef can contain as much as 15% slime.  However, former USDA scientists and food safety experts have warned that pink slime is a “high risk” product.  The whistleblowers have gone so far as to call the use of the term “food” in regards to slime an “economic fraud”.

We have all heard the repeated media scare stories over the increase in obesity in America.  The First Lady has gone to great lengths to raise awareness of obesity especially in children.  I applaud her for that.  However, seeing that the majority of children eat most of their meals in a government institutions now, shouldn’t she be fighting to get healthier food into the schools instead of this crap?  The average school lunch has more calories and fat than one of those evil happy meals.  We surely don’t need government agents monitoring what comes in a sack lunch from home and then forcing them to eat “chicken” nuggets.

If she really wants to make a difference, maybe she could show a leadership and make some changes at home first.

In the mean time children, remember that Soylent Green is people pink.

One response to “Soylent Green Is… Pink?

  1. Paul A. Cajka Sr

    I would not mind if she serves up that pink goo at a State dinner instead of bison and kobe beef.