Fashion Jihad

What a cool idea for a new reality TV show!  Take cameras through the muslim world and see what up and coming radicals will be wearing to a bombing, beheading, or shooting near you.

This guy’s fashion simply shouts “nasrullah” (victory of Allah).

And since fashion is such an integral part of how our youth find and embrace their individual identities, there could be a segment for  the aspiring “shahid” (martyr).

Here are some kids that really “dawah” (proselytize) without apology.

And no show on fashion would be complete without a segment on spectacular failure.  This is one of my favorites.

So, I’ll be waiting for a call from one of the networks.  Maybe it’ll be Al Jazeera.

(Note: Sarcasm was abused in the making of this post.  Feel free to tell someone who cares.)


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