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Lost and Found – January 25th Edition

What to remember about January 25th…

  • 1863  Union General Ambrose Burnside removed from command of Army of the Potomac after only 2 months
  • 1919  Peace conference delegates establish commission to create League of Nations; President Wilson insists on chairmanship
  • 1924  1st Winter Olympics begin; called “International Winter Sports Week” until IOC recognized in 1928
  • 1949  Notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone dies at home in bed from complications of neurosyphilis (1899)
  • 1949  Emmy Awards ceremony held for 1st time; gala takes place at Hollywood Athletic Club
  • 1971  Charles Manson and 3 followers are convicted for murders of 7 people while attempting to spark a “race war”
  • 1971   Idi Amin leads coup and takes control of Uganda
  • 1980  After 9-days in jail, former Beatle Paul McCartney is released from Japanese prison and deported for drug smuggling
  • 1993  Pakistani gunman Aimal Kasi goes on shooting spree outside CIA headquarters in Virginia killing 2 and wounding 3 before escaping the country; convicted and later executed by lethal injection
  • 2011  “Day of Revolt” demonstrations break out in Egypt protesting government of Hosni Mubarak; Arab Spring begins


Watch the trailer/preview for the State of the Union Address

It’s that time of year again.  President Obama will address Congress and the nation tonight when he delivers his State of the Union Address.  If you wonder why we have to give up re-runs of America’s Dumbest Criminals on TV for more boring fare, please check out Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States.

“(The President) shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

Various bloggers and entertainment outlets will be broadcasting their simultaneous commentary or post-mortem fiskings.  I’m sure I’ll sample many of them in the coming days just to try and regain some modicum of composure.  Maybe when Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels gives the GOP response to the SotUA, we will have a REAL idea of how America can reestablish her exceptionalism and values.  At least this preview trailer from Speaker John Boehner’s office gives me hope.

Oh, and here is the poster.  Spread it around and remind your friends that the SotUA is tonight.  Tell them they’d better stock up on refreshments and lock away the breakables.  This could get fun.

Lost and Found – January 24th Edition

What to remember about January 24th…

    • 1781  Patriot militia led by the Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion and “Light Horse” Henry Lee raid Georgetown, S.C. and capture British officers
    • 1848  Gold is discovered in Sacramento Valley along Sutter’s Creek; California gold rush soon sparked
    • 1908  Sir Robert Baden-Powell publishes 1st installment of Scouting for Boys; Scouting movement begins
    • 1943  German General Friedrich von Paulus requests permission from Hitler to surrender his surrounded forces at Battle of Stalingrad
    • 1961  B-52 bomber  with its payload of Mark-39 nuclear bombs crashes near Goldsboro, North Carolina
    • 1965  WWII British Prime Minister, historian, and soldier Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill dies in London (b. 1874)
    • 1972  WWII Imperial Japanese Army sergeant is discovered hiding on Guam ; he has been hiding for 28 years
    • 1980  Administration of President Carter announces sales of military equipment and technology to China
    • 1989  Serial killer and rapist Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy dies in electric chair in Florida (b. 1946)

Lost and Found – January 23rd Edition

What to remember about January 23rd…

National Pie Day (USA)

  • 1737  American merchant, statesman, and signer of the Declaration of Independence John Hancock is born in Braintree, Massachusetts (d. 1793)
  • 1789  Georgetown College is founded in Maryland as the 1st Catholic University in America
  • 1849  Elizabeth Blackwell becomes 1st woman M.D. in America; she and her sister (later an M.D. also) found clinic for women in New York
  • 1865  One-legged Confederate General John Bell Hood removed from command of the Army of Tennessee after series of disastrous failures
  • 1922  Insulin used on human subject for 1st time in treatment for diabetes; discovery given away royalty-free to the world
  • 1957 Wham-O produces the first plastic flying discs; the modern Frisbee is born; invented by William Frisbee in 1871
  • 1964  24th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified; right to vote in federal election may not be denied by failure to pay tax
  • 1968  Electronic intelligence gathering ship USS Pueblo is seized by North Korea; accused of spying, 83 crew are held for almost a year
  • 1973  President Nixon announces that peace agreement has been reached with North Vietnam; signing to take place January 27th
  • 1986  Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame recognizes its 1st inductees; among them Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, and Buddy Holly
  • 1991  Police cruiser dashboard camera records murder of Texas lawman during traffic stop; tape convicts 3 assailants at trial
  • 2002  “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh returns to U.S. in FBI custody; captured in Afghanistan fighting against U.S. troops
  • 2002  Journalist Daniel Pearl is kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and later beheaded on camera by his captors

Best Musical Campaign Ad Yet – “Vote Newt”

No matter who you are looking at during the Republican primaries, THIS is the best musical campaign ad I have come across yet.  It is done to the tune of Cee Lo Green’s song “F*** You”.  Take a listen.

(First found on HillBuzz yesterday.  Brad gets the hat tip for reminding me about it tonight on Facebook)

Lost and Found – January 22nd Edition

What to remember about January 22nd…

  • 1740  Patriot General and spy Noah Phelps is born in Simsbury, Connecticut; infiltrated Ft. Ticonderoga alone to help plan its capture
  • 1840  1st British settlers arrive in New Zealand near Auckland
  • 1879  Battle of Rorke’s Drift; 139 British troops hold off over 4000 Zulu warriors
  • 1890  United Mine Workers of America is founded in Ohio
  • 1901  Queen Victoria of Great Britain dies ending her 63-year reign
  • 1917  In his address to the U.S. Senate, President Woodrow Wilson proposes “peace without victory” in effort to end World War I
  • 1957  George P. “Mad Bomber” Metesky arrested in Connecticut; planted more than 30 bombs in New York area over 16 years
  • 1970  Boeing 747 “jumbo jet” makes 1st scheduled commercial flight
  • 1973  Supreme Court rules to decriminalize abortion with their decision in Roe v. Wade; over 50 million abortions since this decision
  • 1973  Former President Lyndon B. Johnson dies at home in Texas (b. 1908)
  • 1998  Murderer and serial bomber Theodore “Ted” J. Kaczynski pleads guilty to 17 years of Unabomber attacks; sentenced to life in prison
  • 2008  Australian-born, Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger dies abusing prescription medications
  • 2009  President Barack Obama announces he will sign an order to close Guantanamo Bay detention center for terrorist suspects within the year

Lost and Found – January 21st Edition

What to remember about January 21st…

Flag Day (Quebec, Canada)

  • 1738  American patriot, Revolutionary War hero, and founder of Vermont Ethan Allen is born in Litchfield, Connecticut (d. 1789)
  • 1855  (21st or 23rd) American firearms designer and inventor John Moses Browning is born in Ogden, Utah (d. 1926); known as father of modern firearms
  • 1861  Jefferson Davis delivers farewell speech and then resigns from the senate; will become president of the Confederate States of America
  • 1924  Architect of the Bolshevik Revolution and 1st leader of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin dies (b. 1870); replaced by Joseph Stalin
  • 1950  Former State Department official and Soviet spy Algier Hiss is convicted of perjury
  • 1954  USS Nautilus is launched; worlds 1st operational nuclear powered submarine
  • 1968  Initial engagements of the 66-day long Battle for Khe Sanh
  • 1976  Concorde SST aircraft carries its 1st commercial passengers with simultaneous departures from London and Paris
  • 1977  President Carter unconditionally pardons thousands who dodged the draft during the Vietnam War
  • 1985  Ronald Reagan inaugurated to second term as president; ceremony delayed as the 20th fell on a Sunday
  • 2003  U.S. Census bureau announces that Hispanic population outnumbers African-American population in U.S. for the 1st time
  • 2010  Supreme Court rules in Citizens United v. FEC that portions of McCain-Feingold Act are unconstitutional; 1st Amendment prohibits limits on campaign spending by corporations and unions

From beginning in this humble shop in the old West, J.M. Browning went on to bring the world such important weapons as the M1911 pistol, the Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun, the Browning Hi-Power pistol, the Browning Automatic Rifle, and the Browning Auto-5, and the Ithaca Model 37 semi-automatic shotgun.

Ronald Reagan Inaugural Address 1981

I remember seeing this live on TV.  The video is well worth re-watching.  This is the 40th President of the U.S. on his first day in office.  Worthy of note is that Iran released the 52 hostages that they had held for 444 days within 20 minutes of this speech being delivered.  What message do you want to hear and who do you want delivering it on January 20, 2013?

Lost and Found – January 20th Edition

What to remember about January 20th…

    • 1732  American Patriot and statesman Richard Henry Lee is born in Virginia; President of  Continental Congress and Senator
    • 1783  Gret Britain signs peace treaty with France and Spain ending last hostilities of the American Revolution
    • 1801  President John Adams nominates John Marshall to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; establishes Court role and tradition
    • 1841  China cedes Hong Kong to Britain in bid to end 1st Opium War; in 1898 2nd Convention of Peking grants 99 more years of British rule; Hong Kong turned back over to China in 1997
    • 1920  American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is founded
    • 1942  Wansee Conference is held to inform senior Nazi officials of Hitler’s “final solution to the Jewish question” and their roles in it
    • 1945  Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes 1st and only President elected to 4 terms in office; in 1947 22nd Amendment to the Constitution is passed limiting office holders to 2 terms
    • 1981  20 minutes after Ronald Reagan is sworn in as the 40th President Iran releases American hostages it has held for 444 days
    • 1996  Terrorist and founder of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat elected president of Palestinian National Council

Mickey Mouse President Visits Disney

The President says that he will sacrifice his vacation and keep Congress from going on their vacation in order to ensure that lawmakers address urgent economic measures.  After leading the Democrat charge to prevent Republicans from extending the payroll tax cut for a year in favor of their own 2-month extension, the issue is now too important to leave unsettled.  We know how much of a sacrifice this will be to our workaholic president.

After making this daring public announcement, we find Dear Leader Obama visiting Orlando to promote tourism.  My favorite quote from Disney authorities is that “Main Street USA will be closed for the duration of the president’s time there”.  Tell us something that we didn’t already know.

If the President does keep his promise to lock in the legislative branch, I guess that means that 535 first-class seats out of Reagan National just became available… and 535 taxpaying citizens will get bumped when recess does start.

I wonder what Las Vegas has to do to get Obama to give them back some of the tourism millions he cost them when he first came into office.  Who can forget his infamous slam on campaign contributors bankers he was about to pay off rescue.

“We’re going to do something to strengthen the banking system,” Mr. Obama said, “You are not going to be able to give out these big bonuses until you pay taxpayers back. You can’t get corporate jets. You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers’ dime. There’s got to be some accountability and some responsibility.”

If I might give a piece of advice to Barack Hussein Obama II, can I suggest that he spend more time trying to help business create some real jobs and less time in fantasy land?

And here is a quick bonus on his most recent “secret letter” attempt to open talks with Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions