Requesting a little feedback.

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Thank you all for the great input on my daily “Lost and Found” history posts.  Putting them is a great learning tool for me as much as it is informational (and sometimes entertaining) for you.

Generally I do the post around 6 or 7am and then share it with all of you.  Lately though I have had some emails about the timing of my posting.  There have been several folks that say they miss the post because it isn’t out early enough.  others say that they like to see it in their morning mail.

It wouldn’t be hard for me to get one day ahead and set the posts to appear at a specific time (I do this when I travel).  So, please take a moment and answer the poll below.  Thanks for your input.

One response to “Requesting a little feedback.

  1. I’m lost. What does the time of post matter? If it’s on your pg, when a person visits your pg it will be there won’t it? My only comment is that the many notices in my inbox can be overwhelming, so I end up deleting many of them, and perusing my contacts pgs when I need to catch up.
    I enjoy your stuff; some people are just picayune. Later, “X”