A little end-of-the-year Ron Paul roundup.

Ron Paul?  Really?

I have watched this perennial candidate for almost 20 years and still can’t fathom the appeal.  Like a blind hog, he occasionally finds a conservative principle.  But, his prior racist, anti-Semitic, and truther speeches and newsletter articles are baggage that he will not drop.  When confronted on these, Dr. Pul has become the master of the “non-answer”.  Is this so he won’t lose the support his early base like Lew Rockwell, Stormfront and David Duke or losing the new support that just fears another Obama Presidency more than reason.

Check out this recent ad from Revolution PAC for a taste of how they compare America to China and Russia.  Sorry, this just doesn’t cut it.

Oh, and for a little bonus, how about “10 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Ron Paul“.

One response to “A little end-of-the-year Ron Paul roundup.

  1. I know that I aam going to have to say this a LOT, but… Ron Paul supporters are generally honest, freedom-loving, patriotic individuals that believe that the Constitution AND the Declaration of Independence are just as relevant today as when they were written. However, their candidate has done a great job of parroting their passionate beliefs while hiding his own dangerous ideology.

    Learn more about your candidate before we wind up with a Republican (this time around) version of Obama – more dangerous to us than themselves.