Lost and Found – December 16th Edition

What to remember about December 16th…

    • 1773  Outraged at British tax policy, Samuel Adams and 60 members of the Sons of Liberty dump tea cargos of 3 ships into harbor; 1st Boston Tea Party
    • 1811  Estimated 8.6 magnitude earthquake rocks New Madrid fault in Missouri; landscape dramatically altered and Mississippi River flows backwards in places
    • 1944  Massive German counter-attack surprises Allied troops in Belgium; Battle of the Bulge begins
    • 1950  President Truman declares state of emergency following Chinese entry into Korean War with hundreds of thousands of troops
    • 1989  1st of 4 pipe bombs sent by Walter LeRoy Moody arrives; Federal Judge Robert Vance killed instantly
    • 1998  President Clinton orders airstrikes against Iraq for failing to cooperate with UN weapons inspectors; political observers see attacks as an attempt to distract public from ongoing impeachment proceedings; see movie Wag the Dog

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