Occupy Irony… Obama Edition

So, whenever “Dear Leader” Obama heads into New York, you can write off the rest of your day if you live or work there. With the increased security measures and rerouting of air and vehicle traffic, you just ain’t getting where you want to go any time soon.  Fuggeddaboudit!

Well, last night the President and entourage descended on the “Big Apple” for a fund-raiser with big money donors.  With his 5:45pm arrival, the city descended into more than the usual traffic madness.  An added development yesterday was that commuters and dwellers had to contend with a police escorted march of Obama’s Occupy Wall Street zombies.  Also new this time was that the hundred-or-so protesters were carrying signs critical of Obama as they headed to the venue for tonight’s fundraiser.

The New York Times today even noted the change in tone among the movement. Among the signs they noted were such gems as:

  • I Sold Out!
  • Obama is a corporate puppet
  • Obama, you can’t buy our votes
  • War crimes must be stopped, no matter who does them

In recent weeks the Democrat Party fully took ownership of the Occupy movement; embracing its message of class warfare, socialism, and strife.  Forgetting the lessons of Dr. Frankenstein, President Obama and his establishment leftists now find themselves the focus of their own ironic monster.  We saw this coming weeks ago.  Enjoy!


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