Thanksgiving Preview – Thank a Veteran

Now that cold days outnumber the warm and the leaves have turned and gone, we stuff our shopping carts for this Thursday’s feast.  This is the season of Thanksgiving we really do need to give thanks.  There are men and women here and abroad that serve and have served to grant us the peace at home to be with our loved ones.

Take a moment this week to express that gratitude to a veteran in your life.  They could be the retiree down the block or the homeless person at a busy intersection.  You will find them where you work, or play, or worship.  Veterans are everywhere; America’s stong, silent defenders.  They take an oath that never expires.  We should honor their sacrifices as they honor their word.

Now, I am not a fan of rap music but sometimes the lyrics of a song reach out.  Watch this video and remember the veterans and active-duty service people out there.

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