Alabama Racist Against… Germans?

So there has been a lot of hullabaloo in recent months about states passing their own immigration enforcement legislation.  Court cases are in place in many states with the Justice Department suing those states for having the temerity to try to curb illegal immigration with laws that mirror federal law.  (head now hurts)  Activists and race-baiters across the land have lambasted these states and the lawmakers responsible for the legislation.  Terms like bigot, racist, fascist, and Nazi have been bandied about in the liberal mass media without any supporting evidence.

Well, today the proof is in the police blotter.  Police in Tuscaloosa, Alabama have revealed themselves and the racial profiling, neo-fascists they are.  Wednesday night a vehicle was pulled over by Tuscaloosa police for having no tag.  When the driver of the rental car could not produce his driver’s license, he was arrested and taken to jail.  This is a blatant case of racism.  Why else would the police detain this poor hispanic German businessman?  Could it be because the police were enforcing a law that requires that police check citizenship status during all traffic stops?  Could it be said that he was taken to jail because the law states that those without proper identification be taken before a magistrate?

Fortunately for this manager from the local Mercedes-Benz plant just outside Tuscaloosa, an associate was able to fabricate steal retrieve his passport and drivers license and secure his release.  I guess justice prevailed THIS time.  But, this blatant violation of human rights must be squelched now before that cancer spreads.  Who knows, these haters might try to enforce even more laws… maybe even ones about insider trading by career politicians.


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