I am the 1% – U.S. Military Edition

Just another bit of perspective for the economic and social illiterates at Occupy Wall Street.  Tell them like it is soldier!

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I have a steady job with a regular paycheck, great benefits, and lots of room for promotion.  Next year, I will be paid to go to college and graduate with a guaranteed position making a decent salary.  I am the 1% of the 99% that decided hard work and sacrifice were more prudent than complaining about how life is too hard and I’m not getting any free handouts.

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13 responses to “I am the 1% – U.S. Military Edition

  1. I’m pretty sure that is photoshop faked if you look closely. I’ve seen other versions of it around like this one: http://s7.postimage.org/ivze57rrt/99army.jpg

  2. About one-third of the adult homeless population are veterans.

    About 1.5 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.

    Three Biggest Reasons For Homeless Veterans
    1. health issues
    2. employment issues
    3. affordable housing


    • I am a disabled veteran and am very acquainted with the issues. I am very disappointed that the bipartisan debt commission is looking to cut support for our retired and disabled vets when the entire military budget is a smaller percentage of GDP than at any time since the Spanish American War.

  3. You all are dopes. This loser is bragging about having a government job. He gets paid with OUR taxes. All those “great benefits” come from pork barrel legislation passed by Congress, paid for with TAXES you and I pay. It’s truly flabbergasting that the moron jumps straight from bragging about getting to go to college for free right to not taking “free handouts”! If you don’t see the ABSURD disconnect there, then you are a fool. This idiot has no concept of what he’s fighting for in the military, which is precisely what the Occupy movement is protesting for as well. Sorry, you can be in the military, fight for you country, be heroic, and still be a complete and utter dumbass. Like this guy.

    • Hey clueless… having SOME of your tuition paid if you serve out your term is part of your compensation. Ever work for a company that pays for your college or continuing education? A soldiers college money is something he WORKED for by fulfilling his enlistment/employment contract. In no way, shape, or form is his education a handout!

    • You are an idiot and whats wrong with this country now a days. His education is NOT FREE!! He is risking his life everyday so you can post ignorant stuff on this site. Giving our Veterans an education is the least this country can do to repay our debt to them. The problem in this country will not be solved by cutting defense spending and going on these bogus “occupy wall street” protests by a bunch of lazy a-holes wanting free money. Get up, go to work, and stop blaming everyone else for your misfortunes. And also whoever wrote this post watch who you are calling a loser! Have a little respect and decency jerk-off!

  4. I don’t get it ? so that means only 1% of the working class is willing to work for a living and does not want a handout? Is that what he means? I’m not sure any American wants free money, other than when they play the lottery, but even that is a gamble. Pretty sure all Americans just want work and descent pay and a little luck for their hometeam every once in a while? Even the Occupy hippies seem to just be asking for Wallstreet to be honst about something, not sure exactly what cause I haven’t heard any of them being interviewed but if they can afford to camp out a little while in bad weather to try and raise a voice about something,not a big deal. They aren’t anywhere near as rowdy as the sixties demonstrations, even in Oakland they don’t compare to the riots during the sixties in California.

  5. Pete,.
    Your comments are the best thought out on this website. Almost all of the recently graduated students and unemployed adults I know want a job, and they don’t care if it is a difficult job -they want to be fully employed, work hard and get ahead. One of the biggest barriers to economic expansion in this country is that the banks have had record profits, they have slowed the pace of loans to the point that U.S. businesses and entrepaneurs are being starved of capital and they refuse to pay a fair share of the taxes needed to run this country. The bankers don’t give a damn about this country or its citizens- they move their capital around the world and complain about being misunderstood.

  6. I’m really upset with this post, if you think 99% of America is lazy and doesnt work hard there is something wrong with you. People on a daily basis work their asses off with only minimum wage to work with, thats not enough to feed one person yet alone a family, we are not wanting anything handed to us but our dignity. If thats to hard to understand, then maybe you should look up more facts on whats really going on with the occupy on wallstreet. We are protesting because we are fed up, not complaining just pissed that only 1% of this country makes most of the big bux. Dont rub your government job in my face and say its our fault our children are starving and you dont know how your going to pay the bills on time even working more than 60 hours a week. at least I can say I make enough to make sure theres food on my childs plate, a roof over our head and essentials such as this internet, somes days I dont know how to pay it all, but I do because this is what I want for my life, and I work hard for what I have, but you must have it all if your going to rub it in all our faces. Even veterans are struggling right now with cuts.. are you going to say its their fault too? they worked just as hard as you. so yeah, no I dont want to hear it

  7. People need to understand that while some occupiers may not understand the entirety of the message we are all fighting to have some say in our government again. Wallstreet money has corrupted our system to such an extreme extent that no one but big Wallstreet money has a say in what is happening. I don’t want a free hand out or free health care or any other demand but the return of THE PEOPLES GOVERNMENT. Once we are a gov of the people for the people again we can begin to sort all this shit out but right now any and all attempts to follow the “appropriate channels” in government lead to dead ends and empty promises from candidates that are no different then the incumbent because they are funded by the same damn people.

  8. 1% of the 99%… In other words, one out of every 99 or 100 people work hard. If this guy works hard, statistically, everyone of his family and friends and then some are lazy freeloaders. If you go to a football game and 30,000 people are in the stands, 30 people in attendance actually work hard. Why would you even risk your life to defend a country with 98-99% lazy freeloaders. This picture is just beyond ridiculous.