Social Progress Doesn’t Guarantee Moral Progress

Walter Russell Mead strikes the nail squarely on the head again with his latest article “From Norway To Hell” :

“There are some trying to draw some political conclusion about left and right from the massacre; I would like to go deeper. This tragedy doesn’t just speak to the state of cultural politics in our time, or remind us (as it surely does) that evil has a home in every human culture and human heart; it challenges some of our deepest beliefs about where the world is headed.”

Evil is an unfortunate side-effect of human free will.  However, to excise our right to choose right from wrong would be an even greater evil.

(Hat tip to Instapundit)

2 responses to “Social Progress Doesn’t Guarantee Moral Progress

  1. Evil and insanity can be indistinguishable in their exercise. One is not an excuse for the other.

  2. somerville61

    So Breivik was “insane” and not really a xian – you know, what O’Reilly said on his show.